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Why Tallow Hair Clay?


Our powerful formula contains essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that can nourish the hair and scalp while providing the styling performance you desire.

Easy to Restyle

No stress, no drama - You can restyle your hair all day without losing any of the product's effectiveness, allowing you to adapt your look to any situation.

Lightweight Feel

Our Tallow Hair Clay brings the good vibes, keeping your style on point without the awkward stiffness.

No Chemicals

Tallow serves as a natural alternative to some of the synthetic ingredients commonly found in hair styling products.

I was looking for an all natural chemical free mat hair product and this is it.

— Bradford
Experience the Difference – Elevate with Tallow


Got questions?

What is Tallow Hair Clay?

Tallow Hair Clay is a premium styling product for hair made from natural grass-fed tallow. It provides a flexible hold with a natural finish.

How is Tallow Hair Clay different from other styling products?

Unlike traditional styling products, we use tallow as a base ingredient, which offers a unique hold and texture without the use of synthetic additives.

Can I use Tallow Hair Clay every day?

Yes, our Tallow Hair Clay is designed for daily use. It is lightweight and easy to wash out, ensuring your hair stays fresh and healthy.

Is Tallow Hair Clay suitable for all hair types?

Ideal for those who want texture while maintaining a natural finish, the bentonite clay binds hair follicles together to add more volume while also providing hold for styling purposes.

Does Tallow Hair Clay leave a greasy residue?

No, our Tallow Hair Clay leaves a matte finish without any greasy residue. Your hair will have a natural look and feel.

Can I restyle my hair throughout the day after using Tallow Hair Clay?

Yes, our Tallow Hair Clay provides a flexible hold, allowing you to restyle your hair throughout the day without losing its effectiveness.

How long does a jar of Tallow Hair Clay typically last?

The longevity of our tallow hair clay depends on usage, but on average, a 1.8oz jar should last several weeks to a few months.

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